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Howard Bend Plant

The Howard Bend Treatment Facility is presently the second purification and pumping plant for the City of St. Louis. Located on the Missouri River 37 miles above the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, Howard Bend can be found 15 miles west of the City limits, near Olive Street Road and Ladue Road in Chesterfield. Howard Bend is smaller than the Chain of Rocks Plant, and is capable of pumping 236 million gallons per day. Not only does Howard Bend provide water for the St. Louis City, but also sells a portion of its treated water to utilities in the counties of St. Louis and St. Charles. The treated water that is city-bound is pumped into a 100 million gallon storage reservoir at Stacy Park.

The original plans for the Howard Bend Treatment Plant were made as early as 1904, but the actual construction on Howard Bend began in 1923, as did the construction of its reservoir at Stacy Park. The Howard Bend Treatment Plant opened in October of 1929 and immediately went into service.

The initial layout of Howard Bend consisted of a variety of basins, including presedimentation and coagulation basins, which were equipped with newly invented Dorr Clarifiers. This enabled continuous residue removal from the basins. Howard Bend's capabilities also included recarbonation and filtration facilities. The filter plant contains 20 filters, half the number that can be found at the Chain of Rocks Plant. In 1931, five new basins were constructed to expand the capacity of the plant. The self-contained steam power of Howard Bend was replaced in 1972 with complete electrical power.

After the Flood of 1986, plans for a new flood wall at Howard Bend began. Finished seven years later, the new flood wall protected Howard Bend from the Flood of 1993. Without its protection, the plant would have gone out of service and suffered considerable damage. Instead, Howard Bend continued its constant and dependable service of providing drinking water throughout the flood to St. Louis City and its wholesale cusomers in St. Louis County and St. Charles County.

There are ongoing improvements being made to Howard Bend. In 1998, the construction of a new chlorine facility began. Repair began on some of the basins in 1998 as well, and both projects are expected to be finished within the year.

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